im·age:  A representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.

As a creative director, Caroline brings a keen intuition to target a clients’ needs quickly and creatively and bring to life a company’s true image and identity. She has been the cornerstone in the design of a wide range of projects from Internet marketing and web development to branding and strategy. Currently focusing on corporate & product branding and re-branding, helping to position a variety of small businesses and start up projects move into first and second phase growth.

She has won over 50 Addy Awards in her career and is recognized by her alma mater, Ringling School of Art & Design as an industry leader and innovator.


Branding is more than a symbol or a logo. It is the relationship that we have with an item or service that generates an emotional response within us, whether that be one of pleasure or dislike. A company’s brand is the relationship that it has with the world at large.

In one of my favorite books “Brand.New”, Jane Pavitt says it beautifully… The symbolic associations of the brand name are often used in reference to the pragmatic description of a useful object. We speak of ‘the old Hoover’, ‘my new Audi’ or ‘my favorite Levis’ – not needing to qualify them with an object description. The brand is the heart of this process for many of the goods we buy and sell.

At CM Branding this is how we approach every project; with big picture thinking. How will the brands we work with stand up to the scrutiny of today’s savvy and socially conscious consumer. We are looking to work with companies who hold these same values and help elevate them to be seen as assets to the community.

Are you one of these companies? We are looking for great collaborations everyday.